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Links For Leaders (04.28.2015)

Throughout the month of April we’ve been looking at the why’s and what’s and how’s of Life Groups that nurture spiritual maturity. Making disciples and multiplying disciple-makers begins when we actively seek to nurture spiritual maturity in ourselves and in others.

If you are interested in learning more about spiritual growth and how other individuals, churches and organizations are going about this task, I encourage you to check out the following resources:Continue Reading

How are Life Groups nurturing spiritual maturity?

We’ve spent the month of April looking at the first goal our Life Groups pursue: nurturing spiritual maturity. This ongoing pursuit is absolutely central to the task of discipleship! I hope these posts have been helpful to stimulate thoughts about this mission. So much more could be said about this task…well beyond what a 600-700 word blog post will allow. In the end, my prayer is that nurturing spiritual maturity becomes the passionate pursuit of each and every one of us—individually and as a community!

So what have we said about nurturing spiritual maturity? Let’s summarize them in a series of “we believe” statements.Continue Reading

There’s More Than One Way To Nurture Spiritual Maturity

No so long ago I tried to teach myself Latin.

True story.

It sounded like something an aspiring Renaissance man should do. And so I thought, why not?

I bought a used copy of Wheelock’s Latin and the accompanying workbook. I made it through about three chapters but just couldn’t quite get it. So, I did what any self-respecting scholar does: I searched YouTube videos. “Learning Latin for Beginners” (because no one wants to be called a “dummy”). I was pumped. I was ready. I was set to preorder my copy of the Latin Vulgate, which I would most assuredly dog-ear half of the pages within the next few weeks.

I made it through about two lessons…and then I was done. A dropout. Discouraged. Defeated.Continue Reading

Why Life Groups Nurture Spiritual Maturity

Our mission as a church is to make disciples and multiply disciple makers. It is our life pursuit. Something that we are continually working towards.

At Warren, our Life Group communities are on the front lines pursuing this mission. These groups are intentionally designed to be visible expressions of what it means to live a way of life centered on Jesus. We believe that embodying a way of life centered on Jesus is marked by three overarching pursuits:

  • Nurturing spiritual maturity
  • Encouraging relational accountability
  • Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

With all of the areas we could start, why does our first priority focus on spiritual maturity?Continue Reading

3 Affirmations About Discipleship

“Making disciples and multiplying disciple-makers.”

It’s more than simply a tag-line. It’s our ongoing assignment as believers in Christ. Individually. Collectively. To worship God by proclaiming His glory so that others may come to know Him. To live a life that seeks to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. In living this way of life centered on Jesus, we will naturally focus ourselves on the task of discipleship.

But how does one actually engage in discipleship and spiritual formation?

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Two Things That Promote A Healthy Pursuit Of Our Vision

Throughout this month we’ve tried to answer “the whys”. “Why do we do what we do?” “Why does our vision matter?” “Why do we pursue our vision in the manner that we do?”

Knowing the answer to “the whys” gives us clarity and freedom to pursue our goal of growth.

Knowing “the whys” gives us the foundation we need, but there are still two things that will encourage a healthy pursuit of our vision.

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Communities That Make Disciples and Multiply Disciple-Makers

During the month of March we’re taking a closer look at why Warren pursues discipleship through “Life Group Communities” and not through “Sunday School Classes”. We discussed why it matters which name we use. We looked at Acts 2 and saw that spiritual formation in the early church happened primarily through relationships within communities not classrooms.

Warren is a community of believers surrendered to the authority of Jesus Christ and dedicated to advancing the gospel together in our neighborhoods and around the world as we make disciples and multiply disciple-makers.

So how do our Life Group communities do that?Continue Reading

“Communities” not “classes”

During the month of March we’re taking a closer look at Warren’s strategic decision to pursue discipleship through “Life Group Communities” and not through “Sunday School Classes”.

Until 2006, Warren employed a Sunday School model and many people came to know and grow in Christ during that time. We want to honor our past, but we cannot remain there. Foundationally, Life Group Communities more closely align with our vision for the future. So, we encourage you to change your “c” word from “class” to “community”. Here’s why.Continue Reading

Why We Choose “Life Group Communities”

What follows is an actual real-life conversation that I recently overheard on a Sunday morning at Warren.

“How long have you and your family been attending Warren?”

“About three months now. We recently relocated to Augusta due to a job transfer.”

“So, did you know anyone here in Augusta before you moved? Do you have any family here?”

“No. But we got connected with a Life Group early on and they’ve really become close friends for us.”Continue Reading

Links for Life Groups

In 2015 Warren Augusta Life Groups will demonstrate our embrace of a way of life centered on Jesus by:

  • Abiding in The Word of God.
  • Accepting Spirit-filled accountability.
  • Appropriating our faith for the Mission of God.

Here are a few links that will help you and your Life Group pursue this mission. Please share these links out with your Life Group through email and social media.

Abiding In The Word

Scripture needs to be something you know and carry. Are you learning The Word? Are you committing the 52 verses to memory?

Here are two resources that will help you be successful with Bible memorization:

Accepting Spirit-Filled Accountability

Christians were not saved to live in isolation. We were saved to do life together. To be iron sharpening iron. Within the fabric of our Life Groups communities at Warren, Discipleship Partners are designed to support believers as they surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ.

Click here to learn more about Warren’s Discipleship Partners and how you can launch these discipleship groups.

Appropriating Our Faith For The Mission Of God

God isn’t interested in us simply learning The Word and loving The Word so that it’s all an interior thing, God wants us to live The Word. The Bible is not just a book to know, it’s a book to do. James challenges us “to be doers of the word and not hearers only”.

Here are two ways you can mobilize your Life Group to appropriate their faith for the mission of God:

  • Support the Mega Yard Sale. Click below to watch a video from Grant Janik, Warren’s Student Pastor.
  • Adopt an Upward Baseball Team. Click below to watch a video from Drew Robinson, Warren’s Sports Director.

Thank you for all you do to make disciples and multiply disciple-makers!